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Angela Baker

Homeschooling through the Teen Years:  Why You Want to and How You Can

There seems to be a bit of a quandary about homeschooling through the teen years.  Most parents hit common roadblocks, misperceptions, and myths about home schooling when it comes to the teen years.  Yet homeschooling through these years can be such a powerful experience for both teens and parents.  In this workshop you will learn what some of those roadblocks are such as why parents think they can’t and why teens don’t seem to want to. You will also come away with strategies for moving passed the roadblocks to creating a power-packed education for your teen(s).  

Rosie Christman

The Power of Words

You know the old adage: “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words will never hurt me?” That simply isn’t true. Words have power that few people realize. They can tear down or build up. What if you could improve your homeschooling experience with just one word? I am here to tell you, you can!!! There is power in words! They carry energy with them and can transform the energy of a person, a room, an experience! Learn words you can eliminate from your vocabulary and the powerful words to add to it to completely change the energy in you, your home, your students, and your whole homeschool experience! 


Theresa Kay

Write Now: Foundational Principles for Writing in the Early Years

Writing can be a daunting task, and seem like such a major hurdle for us and our students. However, it can be one that is filled with joyful conversations, meaningful breakthroughs, and positive confidence building. It doesn't take hours a day! Helpful examples, resources, and ideas for making writing a natural part of your routine will be shared along with helpful insights for struggling writers.

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Sarah Teichart

Where's the Balance?  Child-Led Learning and Educational/Parental Expectations

Will my child really choose ​to learn and grow, without force or compulsion? None of us want to be drill sergeant parents forcing, requiring, and in the process, sucking all the joy out of learning --and life! Yet, trusting and hoping that one of these days the kids will really dig in, study and learn (even and especially those things that are hard or unappealing) of their own accord can be a bit unnerving too.  How can we balance parental and educational expectations with child-led ownership so our children joyfully love learning, take ownership of their own education and are willing to put in the hard work a quality education requires?  Let's dive deeper into that in this class!


Tiffany Versey

The Nuts and Bolts

Routines, schedules, and the needs of children constantly change, keeping you on your toes. But wait! Don’t float away yet. Having some nuts and bolts in your tool belt can help keep you grounded and maintain a learning environment in your home, even when you’re not on your “A Game.” I want to share some of the foundations that have kept me going for 11 years of homeschooling and how learning in our home has looked at different times and seasons in my life. By all means, don’t discredit failure or small victories. Henry Ford said, “Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”


Sherrilyn Bair

Reading is fun!  Engaging young children in activities that prepare them for reading success

How do I make sure my kids love reading and learning? Join us in learning ways to engage children in early learning activities that will help prepare them for future reading success.   Reading can and should be fun as well as educational.

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Tanya Arnold

Providing the Best Books for Every Member of Your Family

Stories have always been a part of who we are. They connect us to each other, to our past, and to our future. Throughout time and across cultures, the peoples of the world have long been storytellers, capturing and sharing stories through oral and written traditions. Today, as mothers and fathers, we have an opportunity to share the best books and stories with our children that will spark the imagination, pique curiosity, and expand knowledge. Often these experiences with beautiful stories and powerful ideas can last a lifetime. Come discover ways to find the right books for the right person at the right moment that will have your family falling in love with every aspect of reading time—both individually and together.


Cameron Taylor

Principles of Aloha

Hawai‘i is consistently ranked as the least stressed and happiest state in America.
Hawaiians are not the happiest and least stressed people because of where they live but because
of how they live. This presentation will share principles of Aloha that lead to less stress and
greater happiness. Everyone who attends this session will receive a free copy of the book The
Way of Aloha: Lanai or The Way of Aloha: Molokai.


Liz Simmons

The Heart of God: How Knowing God’s True Character Changes Everything

It’s been said, “If men do not comprehend the character of God, they do not comprehend themselves.”  What if one of the main causes of your emotional distress is a misunderstanding of who God really is and how he really sees and feels about you?  We know the truth has the power to set us free.  If we feel stuck, maybe it’s because we picked up a belief that is out of alignment with the truth.  The more we correctly comprehend the Father and his heart for us, and his pattern for other-centered love, the more encouraged and joyous we will feel. Knowing whose you are, children of the most joyful and compassionate being, whose perfect spiritual blueprint lives within you, whose hope is to reach, love and guide you to peace and joy can change how you see Him, yourself, the purpose of life and it can unlock your heart to have that same, outrageous love for others.

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