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Overture Learning has been so wonderful to have this school year! The staff is so friendly, patient, and helpful. Our mentor has been exactly what we’ve needed. She is there for any questions we have, and is happy to help. The website is easy to navigate, and the mobile version is very convenient, as I can use photos right from my phone. Reimbursements couldn’t be more simple and user friendly. I love that I can submit receipts any time and as many separate times as needed. They are very quick to reimburse, and it’s been so easy to use. Another aspect of Overture that we have loved has been the field trips! My kids and I have enjoyed each one and Overture has been very generous to invite us to all of these. We’ve made some good friends through the local group of Overture families. All in all, I’d recommend Overture 100% to all homeschool families!

Bergen Lee
(Mother of six, with five currently enrolled in Overture)


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