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Student Portfolio

Throughout the year, record learning experiences as you go in an online Student Portfolio. This gives students the chance to reflect on their learning and share with their mentors what they are learning. 

Included in the Student Portfolio is a place where pictures can be taken and uploaded from a mobile device to record memorable activities and field trips, a favorite project, science experiment or creative writing. If a field trip or activity involves more than one student, a parent can upload a single photo and add a description to multiple Student Portfolios at the same time. 

Student Portfolio entries can look different for each student and each subject. If using a specific curriculum, lessons can easily be marked off as they are completed by simply checking a box so you can look back and see your student’s progress throughout the year. Notes can also be added to include more detail. If you're putting together your own course of study,  parents or students can keep an online journal of their activities for later reference.

Submissions are required at least bimonthly in language arts, math, and science and monthly in social studies and electives. These submissions do not necessarily need to be entered all at the same time. They can include photos, samples of student work, a write-up of a learning activity or many other ways of expressing what a student is learning. 


*Please note that some schools may have reporting guidelines specific to them and your mentor will work with you to make sure you can easily meet those goals. 

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