Each student has an allotment of $1,700* for the school year. Students receive reimbursements for approved items purchased in the following categories:


Possibilities include curriculum, internet, activities, field trips, classes, and tutoring for math, language arts, science, and social studies


Possibilities include supplies, curriculum, activities, field trips, classes and lessons for elective activities such as music, art, P.E., drama, life-skills, computer skills, etc. 


Possibilities include technology purchases such as computers, printers, tablets, and overflow of core and elective expenses. 

Reimbursement submissions are easy and intuitive. Simply take a picture of your receipt from your phone and it will be stored for later submission. Enter some basic information about the receipt and start entering the items for reimbursement.


Some features we know you’ll love:

    • Reimbursements are processed at the family level -- when you submit a receipt there's no assigning each item purchased to an individual student--it comes from the family budget. 

    • We'll automatically pull money from the most restrictive pool first and save your most flexible money for last. You don't have to assign each receipt to a category yourself--we do all the work for you! 

    • Reimbursements are tracked easily online so you always know the amount of funding available to your family.  

    • Reimbursement requests are processed each week and you can submit for reimbursement as often as you'd like. Each week, all submissions received by the weekly deadline will be processed at that time.

    • Search for pre-approved reimbursable items in our online database before you buy and when you submit your receipt, simply select the item on your receipt and match it to the item in the database for easy pre-approval.

    • If you can’t find an item in our database of pre-approved reimbursements, you can submit it yourself to be added to the list.

    • Items purchased through reimbursements are yours to keep if all program guidelines are met.


*Kindergarten students receive half these amounts: $850 total ($250 Core, $250 Elective, and $350 Flex)

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