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Our Program

Why Choose Overture Learning?

--More opportunities; more resources available to families

--Help you come up with an educational plan -- help choose curriculum that's right for each child. Help you have a place to start in looking for curriculum or ideas for supplemental learning materials. Guide and support you throughout the entire year. 

--Support system and new ideas (mentors and a network of other homeschoolers)

--Some accountability (we help you with your plan)

--Field trips and other opportunities

--Simple, easy to use interface

--Help you with reporting so you can focus on teaching your children


If you are looking for any of these things, we may be a good fit for your family, and would love to talk with you. 

Our online interface is designed to be simple and intuitive as possible. All of your family’s activity can managed from the Dashboard which is access from the login button on the website. a single login. You’ll find reimbursements, portfolio submissions, program guidelines, approved items database, communications with teachers, etc. into a very user-friendly interface.

Reimbursement submissions are simple. Use your phone to upload a pic of your receipt to the site. Then, select the student or students the item was purchased for, match the item to an item listed in our database, and enter the amount. The site will automatically split the purchase price between multiple students’ budgets, deduct from the most appropriate pool of money starting with core, then elective, and finally flex, and show you how much money you have remaining in each child’s reimbursement money.

We’ve simplified reporting to be as unintrusive as possible. A checkbox will indicate weekly attendance. If you’ve selected a specific curriculum, once again, you can just check the boxes to indicate the chapters completed. You can also add any additional notes to help record your child’s activities. Our system will take care of the rest and include all the information in your Student Notebook.

You can also upload pictures and add descriptions straight from your phone as you participate in field trips or other activities. If you have multiple children participating, these photos can be linked to multiple Student Portfolios simultaneously.

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