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High School Information - Sugar Salem Online

To Enroll, Click here 

Students are required to have 46 credits to graduate. A mentor will help you make a graduation plan and explore different options to meet the required credits. Credits will only be given through an accredited program.

Students can earn course by mixing and matching courses through four different accredited options. 

Our high school program runs on a semester track with flexible submission dates. Students can add/drop a course within the first 3 weeks and withdraw through the first 7 weeks of a semester.

Every student attending an Idaho public school in grades 7-12 has access to $4,125 to use towards exams or special courses. The program is called Advanced Opportunities and these funds can help pay for overload courses, dual credits, exams, workforce training, and early graduation.

The Student Handbook has been prepared by the staff and administrators of Sugar-Salem Online High School. The courses in this booklet represent the available offerings for the coming school year. 

For more information, contact: 

Jen Goostrey

(208) 908-7512

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